An Empowered 2019 a new Instagram Invitation

Hello dear ones and happy Summer,

After the wonderful response to #anempowered2019 instagram challenge which I opened this year with, I promised that there would be more opportunities to engage and reflect on some of those themes so poignant to us all.

So welcome to our summer invitation and the theme is the same as our Empowered Entrepreneur Gathering on the 11th July, FINDING YOUR VOICE.


Heres a reminder of what I shared at the start of the year.

Being an Empowered Entrepreneur means you get to connect deeply with what matters to you, to discover a purpose or mission you can get behind and to act on that calling for the benefit of those you choose to serve.

Empowered Entrepreneurship is grounded in a deep self awareness and sense of ownership of our lives and what we choose to make of them.

Running an Empowered business calls for you to be seen and heard. To make your authentic message known and to help your tribe understand what you stand for and the change you are seeking to make in the world.

It is this last theme that really is shaping up to be so meaningful for so many of you this year.

This, our second instagram series of 2019 is an invitation.

It’s designed to encourage more of a relationship with your authentic voice, with gentle steps and loving awareness. Which all leads to the ability to more clearly shape those stories that make up your unique message and sit at the heart of your inspired brand.

The challenge is simple

Each week day between the 1st July and our gathering on the 11th, i'll be offering a simple prompt to invite you to explore this topic of your voice.

The questions are really simple and you can post each day or join as and when a prompt grabs you giving as much or a little time as you wish. However you approach it i invite you to think deeply, don’t just go for your first or most obvious response. Dig a little deeper, take the opportunity for self enquiry that the questions present and enjoy the chance to navel gaze a little.

All the prompts are listed on the download below in case you like to plan ahead, and i'll be reminding you every day on instagram. Whether you post to your grid or share in stories I look forward to hearing what you have to say.

Thanks for joining me for #anempowered2019 and remember to tag me in and use the hashtag so I can follow along.

with love

Elizabeth x