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Your visual brand identity will often make the first impression but the messaging for your business adds depth, subtlety and has the power to win over hearts and minds.

Words that work for your business must resonate with your clients, make their heart sing and move them to action.

Crafting communications that support and elevate a thriving business needs a wordsmith with a unique understanding of what makes, you, your business and your dream clients tick.

Your brand messaging begins with a clear understanding of what you want to be known for, the change you want to make and your unique vision for your business. From those authentic foundations the resonance of your singular voice rings true.

All your messaging needs to be pulling in the same direction. Elevating your brand and making the impact you want. Whether you need a name for your brand, a strap-line that does the selling for you, simple yet compelling web copy, articles for print or online or whole book projects, the ARTICULATE process begins with an in-depth exploration of your brand values, your core message and your market. We get under the skin of your target clients and readership and uncover the language that speaks right to their heart.


Once we've clarified the scope of your ARTICULATE project we then work together to bring your communication to life. ARTICULATE is more sophisticated than simply writing copy or editing. It's a strategic sense check of your brand direction at every step. Ensuring that the messages you convey reflect your passion, your unique skill and takes your business where you want it to go.

I can help you define your brand voice, pinpointing those words and phrases that support your message and those that get in the way. The pace, tone and style that will bring your content to life are all key to effective delivery and we will understand exactly what this means for your unique brand.

When we work together in this way you can be assured of someone on your team that understands what's at the heart of your business and will fly your flag with elegance and purpose.


“Publishing a book can be an immensely daunting prospect. Working with Elizabeth has been an absolute joy from start to finish. She is inspiring, supportive and most of all, as passionate about creating something incredible as I am.

Thanks to Elizabeth’s supportive, encouraging and incisive way, I’m confident that Brand Brilliance is as good as it can possibly be. As a result, I am looking forward to it’s launch with sheer delight!”

Fiona Humberstone,

author of best selling Brand Brilliance


You can commission ARTICULATE consultancy for any project online or off, whenever you need your authentic voice to ring true and get your message across clearly, congruently and with flair. ARTICULATE is for entrepreneurs serious about communication with intention for meaningful results. Get in touch to find out how I can help with your project.


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