Be Empowered

There is something utterly empowering about running a business on your terms, one that plays to your unique strengths and engages your passions.

There is something transformative about living a life that is aligned with what really matters and bringing that into our work in a meaningful way.

When we are running an authentic business we can be brave and make choices that open doors, move us in the direction of our dreams and get a taste of what it's like to fulfil our creative potential.

Everything you need to run a thriving business and live an inspired life is inside you. My work is to reveal that brilliance, help you make it real, remind you what you're really capable of and help you let your creative awesomeness loose on the world.


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I'm delighted to announce that Vision and Vitality an inspiring visioning and business planning workshop is coming in November 2018 and is now available to book. 


The Empowered Entrepreneur retreat 7-10th May 2018 is confirmed and will be open for bookings very soon. More details about what to expect from the retreat to come. 

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Find clarity at the outset of a new endeavour.

Workshops and coaching for new businesses or those looking to elevate.

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Communicate your offerings with clarity, passion and authentic flair.

Copy writing and editing services.



Support to bring your vision to life.

Coaching and mentoring for visionary entrepreneurs. 


Define a way of working that really works for you, transform the way you do business and tap into your full potential. 



Let's work together

You may be looking for coaching support, a transformational workshop or event, writing and editing input or even an experienced facilitator to collaborate on your event or project. 

There are a number of ways we can work together and I look forward to exploring the possibilities with you.


Begin with clarity, reveal what's possible


Whenever we begin a new endeavour, whether it be creating a new business or beginning an exciting new project, clarity of vision, congruence of values and the ability to dream big are vital.

DISCOVERY is a unique creative coaching process designed to enable you to get right to the heart of what’s important to you and translate that into meaningful work.

DISCOVERY coaching reveals desires and creates choices that are fully congruent with who you really are and what you are capable of.

Throw open the doors of possibility and book your DISCOVERY session today.



Ultimately trustworthy and deftly skilled - the work you do with Elizabeth will last you a lifetime
— Zoe Hatch, Songs of Evolution

Stay true to what's important, communicate with flair


Powerful copy must resonate with your clients, make their heart sing and move them to action.

Crafting communications that support and elevate a thriving business needs a wordsmith with a unique understanding of what makes, you, your business and your dream clients tick.

The ARTICULATE process begins with an in-depth exploration of your brand values, your core message and your market. We get under the skin of your target clients and uncover the language that speaks right to their heart.

Once we've clarified the scope of your ARTICULATE project we then work together to bring your communication to life. ARTICULATE is more sophisticated than simply writing copy or editing. It's a strategic sense check of your brand direction at every step. Ensuring that the messages you convey reflect your passion, your unique skill and take your business where you want it to go. 

When we work together in this way you can be assured of someone on your team that understands what's at the heart of your business and will sing it from the roof tops and fly your flag with elegance and purpose.

You can commission ARTICULATE consultancy for any project online or off, when you need your authentic voice to ring true and get your message across clearly, congruently and with flair. From simple yet compelling web copy or social media messages to whole book projects, ARTICULATE is for entrepreneurs serious about communication with intention for meaningful results.


Publishing a book can be an immensely daunting prospect. Working with Elizabeth has been an absolute joy from start to finish. She is inspiring, supportive and most of all, as passionate about creating something incredible as I am. Thanks to Elizabeth’s supportive, encouraging and incisive way, I’m confident that Brand Brilliance is as good as it can possibly be. As a result, I am looking forward to it’s launch with sheer delight!
— Fiona Humberstone, author of best selling Brand Brilliance

Make real your vision, live what's possible

Even with crystal clarity of vision, making the aspirations we have for our business and our life a reality, can sometimes be challenging. 

Particularly for those of us with a creative mindset or who feel there is a depth to their work beyond just bringing home a pay-cheque, so many other factors come into play.

It can be easy to be drawn away from what's truly important, we can loose our motivation, our mission and our mojo to boot.

Having a trusted and experienced coach, who knows where you're headed, understands what drives you, and what gets in your way, and can elevate you above the limitations of your own self doubt, misconceptions and (that ole pest to creatives the world over) resistance, makes the world of difference.

REALISE is tailor made to suit your unique journey. From regular mentoring coaching sessions to full day explorations and workshops we will design the scope at the outset of our partnership.

REALISE gives you an empowering, reassuring ally who's got your back and someone who will make darn sure you achieve what you set out to in the most fulfilling, authentic and enjoyable way possible.

Elizabeth is gifted, talented, oozes integrity, walks her talk and I would recommend her in any form of change work in a flash as I have seen the results she has helped create in others as well as myself. When you have the opportunity to work with Elizabeth there is no going back – “a mind once stretched by a new experience can never return to its original dimension” and Elizabeth will give you that experience.
— Clare Edwards, Brain Smart