Finding our voices at an Empowered Entrepreneur Gathering

I’m still riding high from our last Empowered Entrepreneur Gathering on 11th July. A vibrant and fabulous group of ladies, some familiar faces and others new, turned out in Ealing, to explore our theme of Finding your Voice. What a marvellous morning we had.

It was so lovely to see online connections come to life and people come together in a really meaningful way and I was delighted (and relieved) when my surprise special guest was a hit all round.

We began with a whistle stop key note from me on how to find your voice & write a book (or get on with any creative project) and the first hour just flew by. Here’s a little snippet from the talk if you’d like to get the flavour, do excuse the audio quality as its a little rough around the edges.

After reminding everyone that part of being a truly Empowered Entrepreneur means living on the edge of our comfort zone it was with great glee that I introduced our surprise special guest, my dear friend and client Zoe Hatch of Songs of Evolution.

Zoe is a Vocal Improvisation teacher, Natural Voice Advocate and all round bloody marvellous soul who led us in nearly an hour of singing and vocal play enabling us to literally find our voices and express them together.

Zoe hatch songs of evolution, empowered entrepreneur gathering

It was fab, and even those people who felt a little nervous about the prospect of using their voices were able to get stuck in with open hearts and plenty of gusto.

What we sounded like wasn’t really the point of singing together. It was the shared experience, the opportunity for support, connection and to explore our inner landscape and i’m so grateful to Zoe for leading us so sensitively and with great humour on that journey.

That said, and as with all my previous experiences of singing with Zoe, somehow she managed to coach some pretty beautiful harmony out of our choir of novices and we were sounding pretty empowered by the end of it.

Here’s a little snippet from the warm up and our first time singing together if you’re curious.

By the end of the morning I felt we’d really got to the heart of what it means to find our voice and I am already looking forward to our next opportunity to be together in empowered an empowering company.

If you’d like to join us for the next gathering, we will be meeting on 25th September and you can book your place here.