The Empowered Entrepreneur

Mastering the art of a thriving business

An inspiring business book for our time, by Elizabeth Cairns



The way we do business is changing. 

Entrepreneurs are recognising that there is a more enlightened way to work. One that inspires and sustains them and enables their business to truly thrive.

The Empowered Entrepreneur sets you firmly on the path to a thriving business. Through a powerful process, based on decades of experience, Elizabeth Cairns takes you on an inspiring and emancipating journey of professional mastery. 

You will explore the many facets of running a successful business in a way that helps you put your talents, passion, vitality and creativity at the heart of everything you do. 

By showing you how to make congruent, confident decisions for your work, curate your workload, manage your process, say no with grace and much more besides, this book will help you take back the power in your life and the control of your business. 

Supporting you to overcome procrastination, battle overwhelm, create space and manage your time are just some of the ways this book liberates you from what’s getting in your way, and shows you how to work with greater efficiency, and ease. 

This is business as it’s meant to be; inspired, creative, passionate, powerful and purposeful. Empowered. 

The Empowered Entrepreneur Book Elizabeth Cairns
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Beautiful botanical illustrations

I commissioned the lovely and stunningly talented Gail Jones of Starkeys Lane to do a series of illustrations to feature in the book. Many of the illustrations are of the Bach Flower Essences, which, if you haven't come across them, are a wonderful tool for developing personal awareness and emotional healing. I have long been a fan of Gail's artwork and many of the remedies relate to key themes in the book, so it was natural that we would include them. Gail has produced exquisite work and I'm so delighted to include them. 


Special Edition Gift Set 

If you would like to make your experience of The Empowered Entrepreneur that little bit more special then the gift set is the perfect accompaniment. 

There are a limited number of gift sets available with this first print run of the book and each one includes:

A signed and dedicated copy of the book. An A4 limited edition print of the wild rose watercolour illustration signed by Gail Jones. A hand poured, pure essential oil, bergamot Clarity Meditation Candle. Your choice of one of three Bach Flower Essences, Cerato, Elm or Wild Rose. An Empowered Entrepreneur Journal. An organic cotton tote bag. All delivered in planet friendly packaging. 

 Wild Rose Original Watercolour Illustration for The Empowered Entrepreneur, by Gail Jones of  Starkeys Lane. 

Wild Rose Original Watercolour Illustration for The Empowered Entrepreneur, by Gail Jones of Starkeys Lane. 

Limited Edition Wild Rose watercolour Print

I'm delighted to include a limited edition A4 print of the Wild Rose Illustration from the book signed by Gail, with all special edition pre-orders of the book. 

 Bergamot Clarity Meditation Candle collaboration with  Pure Thoughts . The final candle in its new packaging will be revealed soon. 

Bergamot Clarity Meditation Candle collaboration with Pure Thoughts. The final candle in its new packaging will be revealed soon. 

Hand Poured clarity meditation Candle

It has been such a pleasure to have collaborated with Leanna at Pure Thoughts to create a limited edition Clarity Meditation Candle. I asked her to use bergamot, which is not only a beautiful citrus slightly spicy scent that clears room odours but a deeply soothing oil known to enhance feelings of joy energy and clarity. I find it induces a deeply tranquil yet alert state for meditation. This beautiful hand poured, vegan, GMM free, pure essential oil candle will be included with every special edition gift set pre- order of the book. 


How can I order my copy?

The book and the limited edition gift set are now available to pre-order and are due out for delivery in November 2018. 

To order your unsigned copy please do so from my book distributors via this link.

If you would like to order the gift set or a signed copy of the book then you can do so from this site. 

The book is priced at £25 plus postage and the gift set will be available for £60 plus postage. When ordering your copy from this site please make sure you select the correct option for your delivery region. If you don't see your region listed, please get in touch and I can add it for you. Thank you and I really hope you enjoy the book. 


The Empowered Entrepreneur Book

A signed copy of The Empowered Entrepreneur

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Empowered Entrepreneur GIFT SET

A beautiful gift for yourself or a fellow Entrepreneur.

Each gift set contains: A copy of The Empowered Entrepreneur signed by the author. A limited edition hand poured Clarity Meditation Candle. A limited edition print of the original Wild Rose Watercolour signed by the artist. Your choice of one of three Bach Flower Essences. (Cerato, Elm, Wild Rose), An Empowered Entrepreneur Journal. A planet friendly tote bag. Delivered in planet friendly packaging.

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