Are you seeking permission to use your voice?

Elizabeth Cairns the empowered entrepreneur

Are you seeking permission to use your voice?

There are so many things that can get in the way of putting pen to paper and writing your book, crafting a blog, starting a podcast, or even changing the direction of your business so that it aligns with where your passion really lies.

Not knowing how is one thing, wondering if it’s the right thing is another, but do you know what I’m noticing crops up as the most common boulder in the way of most progress towards doing our inspired and creative work?…the need for permission.

Many of us are unknowingly wandering around unconsciously seeking permission to have a voice. Wondering if it’s ok to speak, if what we have to say is of any value and to be given some kind of ticket that says we are now allowed to get on with it.

Where this permission is supposed to come from is a little unclear for most…parents, partners, clients, the media, perhaps some all omnipotent being, are all contenders for the role.

What I’ve noticed that is fairly consistent with all these bright and beautiful souls. What they are actually seeking is for someone to confirm the inklings of their own heart and soul. That secret hope that they might have something of value to add to the world, that what they have to say is articulate enough to be committed to screen or print, that their voice is one that could tell us something that might be worth hearing. What we crave is for someone to say “it’s ok, I know your secret, I have one too. You are allowed a voice and I’d like to hear it”.

Well dear ones consider it said. You have a voice. I want to hear what your singular life has taught you. You are special, simply by virtue of being alive and, even if you think you’re not, it doesn’t matter, don’t let that get in the way of your work. Write, speak, sing. There are never too many stories. Each one adds to the rich library of life that we all need to reference wherever we are on the journey.