An Empowered 2019 Instagram Invitation

Hello lovely peeps and a very happy 2019!

I am so excited about what this year has in store.

As you may already know if you caught my post on instagram before Christmas, we’ve changed our rhythm around a bit as a family for 2019 which means I get more time to play, ahem I mean, work with my lovely clients and I can’t wait.

Mr C has chosen to reduce his hours at work and, as we can now split homeschooling the smalls between us, I end up with and extra two full days a week to spend on the business, and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

The diary is already filling up with lovely client work and my Brand Foundations for Yoga Teachers workshop in February and Vision and Vitality Retreat to the Cotswolds in March should keep me out of trouble until Spring. I’m also really looking forward to guest teaching meditation for the lovely Dena Kelly on her first Pilates retreat in the spring. There are more details on her instagram account here @reformbarrepilates.

a few happy memories from 2018 images by Katie Spicer, Cathy Pyle and Fiona Humberstone

a few happy memories from 2018 images by Katie Spicer, Cathy Pyle and Fiona Humberstone

In anticipation of the shift for us in 2019, I spent a lot of time reflecting over the holidays on what it really means to be an Empowered Entrepreneur and how I can raise my own game.

Being an Empowered Entrepreneur means you get to connect deeply with what matters to you, to discover a purpose or mission you can get behind and to act on that calling for the benefit of those you choose to serve.

Empowered Entrepreneurship is grounded in a deep self awareness and sense of ownership of our lives and what we choose to make of them.

Running an Empowered business calls for you to be seen and heard. To make your authentic message known and to help your tribe understand what you stand for and the change you are seeking to make in the world.

I’ve been examining my own sense of empowerment and what it would look like for me to step up, to be bolder, more present and more accountable in 2019. I’m excited about the shape things are already taking as I push my own boundaries and explore possibilities.

fond memories of gatherings with the creative countryside community in 2018 - images by Annie Spratt.

fond memories of gatherings with the creative countryside community in 2018 - images by Annie Spratt.

This instagram series is an invitation.

One for you to explore yourself a little, to own and to share part of your story with our lovely empowered and inspired tribe. it’s an opportunity to be seen and heard, to give and receive encouragement, to start as you meant to go on.

There will be more invitations coming later in the year designed to encourage more of your authentic voice and start to more clearly shape those stories that make up your unique message and sit at the heart of your inspired brand. For now this is about you, your personal journey, you the Empowered Entrepreneur.

The challenge is simple

Each week day for two weeks starting on 7th January i'll be offering a simple prompt to invite you to explore themes related to empowered entrepreneurship.

Week one we take a look back and reflect on 2018, your successes and your lessons, week two we begin to look forward to what this year has in store.

The questions are really simple and you can post each day or join as and when a prompt grabs you giving as much or a little time as you wish. However you approach it i invite you to think deeply, don’t just go for your first or most obvious response. Dig a little deeper, take the opportunity for self enquiry that the questions present and enjoy the chance to navel gaze a little.

All the prompts are listed on the download below in case you like to plan ahead, and i'll be reminding you everyday on instagram. Whether you post to your grid or share in stories I look forward to hearing what you have to say.

Thanks for joining me for #anempowered2019

with love