“Elizabeth has a fascinating energy and ability to lift your thoughts above your business, allowing you to look down with fresh eyes and challenge your mindset. Her innate talent to guide me through the clutter and into the opportunities beyond meant I was given a fresh perspective to grow, develop and love my business on a new level. She’s an utter joy to work with, and she inspires me as much as she guides me.”

Caz Harrison, Making Waves.


Begin with clarity, reveal what's possible

Whenever you begin a new endeavour, whether it be creating a new business or beginning an exciting new project, clarity of vision, congruence of values and the ability to remain authentic whilst stepping into your full potential are vital. But this isn’t always easy to achieve alone.

Even with crystal clarity of vision, making the aspirations you have for your business and your life a reality, can sometimes be challenging.

Particularly for those of us with a creative mindset or who feel there is a depth to their work beyond just bringing home a pay-cheque, so many other factors come into play.

It can be easy to be drawn away from what's truly important, lose your motivation, your mission and your mojo to boot.


Realise your vision, live what’s possible

Having a trusted and experienced coach, who knows where you're headed, understands what drives you, and what gets in your way, and can elevate you above the limitations of your own self doubt, misconceptions and resistance, makes the world of difference.

Coaching with me is tailor made to suit your unique journey. From regular mentoring coaching sessions to full day explorations and workshops, we will design the scope at the outset of our partnership and flex according to your needs as we move forward.

Coaching in it's purest form is essentially a well crafted and deeply delving conversation with a clear objective. It's about asking the right questions, at the right time and in the right way to open up thinking and create the shift in belief patterns needed to facilitate transformation. It’s not about giving advice. Real coaching, the truly empowering kind, acknowledges that you have everything you need already, you just may not be able to see it yet. All the answers are inside you, it’s just about bringing them to the surface in a way that is practical, useful and moves you forwards.


I am so glad I decided to approach you to do one on one coaching because you have, very gently, helped me to see that I could do more than I remembered I could.  At that time, I didn’t feel as though I knew how to access my creativity at all and I was scared.  You gave me small tasks and encouraged me forward step by step in a way that I felt able to do. Then, of course, progress fuelled confidence and I started to gain momentum.   I’m now so excited about getting …[my business]… out into the world!  Anyway - the upshot is a great big THANK YOU!   You’ve really made a difference! “

Sarah, happy client

powerful processes to shift what’s holds you back and open up new possibilities

powerful processes to shift what’s holds you back and open up new possibilities

There are so many ways coaching can support you in developing yourself and your business. With a skilled coach, you have someone on your team who has your best interests at heart and can help you navigate all the aspects of running a business and balancing that with an enjoyable life. You have the benefit of a confidential sounding board, enthusiastic cheerleader and strategic sense checker who knows you and your business well and can help you discern the best way forwards.

Coaching is an evolving conversation and clients typically begin their coaching journey because they have a desire for one or more of the following:

Setting the foundations for a rebrand - getting real clarity around what you stand for, who your ideal clients are and what lies at the heart of your offering. This is the essential first step before engaging with a designer or copy writer.

Clarifying your website or communications - ensuring that the message you want to project is conveyed with style and grace, aligns with the authentic essence of your brand and the direction you want your work to take.

Creating a new offering - crafting something wonderful from your unique passion and gifts and creating a process and customer experience that adds real value and is a joy to deliver.

It may be that you want to explore working in a new way, one that takes into consideration all those things in life that are important to you and enables you to be more creative, have more vitality and enjoy your work more.

Making a transition - whether it is elevating your business and taking it to the next level, moving on from an existing company to a new area of work, leaving employment and venturing out into business for yourself or simplifying your working life to spend more time with family

Empowering your process - crafting a customer experience and an in-house process that is streamlined, efficient and enables you to work with our ideal clients in a way that is empowering and effective for everyone involved.

You might have identified something specific that's holding you back or a new skill you'd like to learn like saying no and holding a boundary, or dealing with a challenging relationship.

Almost anything can be tackled within a coaching relationship to give you that sense of empowerment and control of your direction that you deserve.

“Thank you for last nights session. It’s opened the flood gates of creativity and removed the emotional block that’s led to feeling a little bit out of love with what I have been doing. Knowing things weren’t aligned, but not having found the support I needed to get it all back on track.  I love your approach and am so excited to be doing this work with you.”

Tamsin, Happy Client



Having an experienced, skilful coach, gives you an empowering, reassuring ally. Someone who's got your back and will make darn sure you achieve what you set out to in the most fulfilling, authentic and enjoyable way possible.

Get in touch to explore how coaching can support you and your business. I’ll be delighted to help.

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