Interview with Fiona Humberstone on her 2nd book Brand Brilliance


It was my great pleasure to edit Brand Brilliance the best selling second book by Fiona Humberstone. Just after Brand Brilliance came out we recorded this interview about her publishing journey and a lot more besides. 

We talk about what it was like for Fiona to write and publish Brand Brilliance. Why it's so important for her to be working at the edge of her comfort zone and why she never plans more than six months ahead.

We dip into her tools for inspiration and how she structures her business so that all the elements feed into each other.

Fi shares her criteria for which clients she works with and how she discerns those projects and people that are the right fit, what blocks her creative flow and how she's learning to deal with that.

She also shares her view on what gets in the way of people creating their own ideal business, why authenticity matters and what helps her focus in the mere 16 hours a week she has to run her highly successful business.

Please enjoy my conversation with the absolutely delightful Fiona Humberstone.

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