Meraki - Does your work have it?

Image by Cathy Pyle

Image by Cathy Pyle

Meraki is such a beautiful concept, I fell in love with it the moment I heard it and whenever I introduce it to anyone it really seems to strike a chord. It’s what so many business are missing, what so many entrepreneurs long for, what many of us strive to bring to our everyday living. 

Meraki is a word to describe putting your whole heart and soul into what you do. When your actions are infused with love and creativity. Meraki is bestowing the best part of yourself within your work. It’s the passing on of a gift, if you like, that gift of joy, of light, of passion and the heartfelt expression of your self in what you do.


Meraki can be infused into everything, the small daily doings and the grand plans. 

Meraki is the gift of an Empowered Entrepreneur. When you are passionately engaged in your work, when it has unique purpose and meaning for you, that passion passes on. You leave the resonance of it like a gift for your clients in everything you do. It infuses into every customer interaction, every gesture, every unique offering, making the whole experience of working with you a joy.

When you work with Meraki, you know what makes your own soul come alive and how to translate that inspiration into work that adds value and inspires others.

Meraki in your work is made so much easier when you know what lights you up, when you are clear about your gifts and your talents and the value you bring to your customers. Meraki follows naturally when you work free from resentment, but instead are fuelled by inspiration. Meraki  is its own reward as well as providing fuel for a business to thrive. It creates an energy and a lightness that helps carry you through your day, that builds momentum, is attractive to opportunities and elevates us all beyond the mundane and into the realm of the inspired and empowered entrepreneur.

How does Meraki show up in your work? Where do you find you express your unique wisdom and perspective in what you do? Where does your creativity get expressed? And how much more is possible with Meraki in your business?