do you really need a vision for your business?

image by Cecelina Tornberg

image by Cecelina Tornberg

There’s a lot of talk in entrepreneurial circles about vision. Some people have vision, some people are visionary, you know you need it for your business but what does it really mean and is it all that important in the scheme of things?

I am lucky enough to work with some seriously visionary clients, they can literally see the possibilities, opportunities and future potential before their eyes. In the case of the stylists and designers among them, identities, logo marks and powerful brand imagery quickly appear to them in their minds eye as they listen to the narrative of a business owner, and that’s how new brands are born. They look at life in pictures. Inspired and captivated by what they see, they always have a rich palette of imagery to draw from.

Others are visionary in their ability to see the future. To see where a market is headed and to see how the pieces of a puzzle fit together to form a unique offering or well timed campaign.

Those with vision create trends, shift the zeitgeist and play ahead of the game.

But what if you don’t see yourself as a visionary entrepreneur? Why is vision so necessary for your own business and why take the time to craft one?

In it’s most basic form, a vision is simply a snapshot of the future internalised in the mind. That kind of vision is one we are all able to conjure, even if you can’t tell your teal from your turquoise and don’t instinctively think in pictures.

Whether you are consciously aware of them or not, you are creating these mini visions in your mind all of the time. They affect how you feel about other people, situations and yourself and can greatly impact your perception of future possibilities.

As an Empowered Entrepreneur you can take ownership, control and mastery of that process to consciously create the visions you want for the future you desire.

Desire, a lot of people have a love-hate relationship with this emotive word. It can conjure up un-substantial wish-like sentimentality that might not warrant a place at the table of a ‘she means business’ entrepreneur. It's also what a lot of business owners I meet are missing. The hunger and visceral desire to make real their dreams for their business is what packs the punch of a vision worth having.

A vision for your business or your life that creates desire and drive in you has immeasurable value. It will see you through the inevitable challenges of business ownership, enable laser beam focus and inspire you to raise your game.

The future isn’t always easy to see, how can we possibly know where we will be in 10, five or even two years time? Predicting the future isn’t the purpose of vision, the purpose is to create the future. Once you can see something clearly it is the first step in bringing it to life.

Clarity of vision helps us assess priorities, make projects tangible and determine next steps.

Without vision it’s hard to fill in the details, determine goals and deconstruct big dreams into achievable plans.

But the right vision isn’t just something you pluck out of thin air. It needs substance and meaning. It has to make sense to you and your audience in order to generate action.

A vision you can clearly see yourself, enables you to eloquently articulate that to your tribe which is what fosters engagement and drives business growth.

A lovely example of a vision that people are getting on board with is the new offering from Annabel Bird. The vision she has created for her unique Bleakhouse experiences is so clear to her that she is able to describe that attractively to her customers. They can put themselves into the picture and get a real sense of what it would be like to share that enchanting few days with Annie in her beautiful home away from home. The vision moved people so powerfully that her first experience sold out in five minutes.

Another incredible client, The Brand Stylist, does this exceptionally well with her sell-out workshops and retreats. Fiona takes the time to really hone her vision for each unique offering. Because she is so clear on what it will look like, feel like and the value she will add, it is incredibly easy to convey that in a way that compels her audience to engage.

Whether it’s a vision for an offering, the direction of your business as a whole, or for you as an entrepreneur stepping up to the next level, you have the opportunity to create your reality and lead your business in exciting and rewarding directions.

Vision can sometimes be illusive. Finding the right one on your own isn’t always as easy as working with support, like any creative process a catalyst can be hugely useful. If you would like to shape a clearer, more compelling, more exciting vision for your work then join me on Vision and Vitality to do just that.

Over the two days, as well as a wealth of other valuable content, we will take the time to get in touch with what’s most important in your work and in your life and define the direction you want to take things in the coming year. We will master the skills of refining and enhancing your internal vision so that it is a constant and compelling reminder to you of where you are headed.

It’s not for the faint-hearted, along with bags of inspiration inspiration there will be some seriously hard work, but the rewards are immense and I can’t wait to share them with you.

If you’d like to join an intimate group of like minded entrepreneurs click here to book your place. I hope to see you there.

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