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win the morning, win the day 

When it comes to setting yourself up for a good day, you have two choices; allow yourself to operate by default programming, or take the day in hand and consciously direct your attention and your energy where you want it to go.

No two days are the same but with a little mindful attention you can more consciously create the experiences you want and set yourself up for success, whatever that looks like.

Some days might demand laser beam focus, a sense of urgency and uber productivity. Other times, it might be more appropriate to take a gentle, more reflective outlook. Some days call for an attitude of compassion and the prioritising of self care, whilst others may be more inspiring and creative.

However you’d like your day to unfold, how you begin makes a difference. Here you will find a selection of audios to set you up for a great day, whether it’s focus or flexibility you’re looking for, in under five minutes you can find a state to begin in a more empowered way. Enjoy!

It’s so easy to rush into each day without ever really checking in with how we are and we can miss a lot of valuable information from our body. This is a quick 5 minute body scan to give you that opportunity to check in, see how you feel and set a quick intention for the day.

When you have a lot on and you want to crack on…

Whether life is a little overwhelming or you simply want to invite a sense of more ease and grounded presence into your day, 5 minutes of grounding and centering can set you up for a calmer clearer day.