walking to clarity - coaching in the great outdoors

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Move your body and stretch your mind.

A 3 hour coaching session in Buckinghamshire that begins in the great outdoors, and continues over a lovely cuppa and cake at one of my carefully selected venues.

Walking greatly enhances our brain's capacity for synergising thoughts and processing information and these sessions are a great way to get you away from your desk and moving your body whilst stretching your mind and enjoying all the benefits of coaching.

We begin with my energy routine to get your brain and body working more efficiently and make use of the natural landscape as we go to facilitate shifts in your inner landscape.

A Walking to Clarity session is particularly ideal for tackling sticky challenges, strategy work or when there is a need for generating plenty of ideas.

We walk in all weathers and most seasons unless it is particularly inclement, in which case we settle indoors and use guided meditation or visualisations to support our work as needed.