A guided relaxation for the afternoon slump

Image by the incredible  Annie Spratt

Image by the incredible Annie Spratt


I don't know about you but there are times when I've just needed to hit the reset button, down tools and sleep mid afternoon, although I personally believe daily naps should be enforceable by law, in reality I know we rarely feel we have the time to stop. But what if you knew it was actively benefitting your business? That it would actually accelerate things?

We all know that deep rest and relaxation contributes to wellbeing.

You probably also know that it improves productivity, and from years of working with creative entrepreneurs I've observed how it enhances creativity too. So short of petitioning for a change of law, maybe we could just start a quiet revolution of rest and commit to a daily pause.

Even if you could take some time out each day to kip, you may not find it easy to switch off. So I've recorded a short guided process following the principles of Yoga Nidra, or Yogic Sleep, which will help you get into a state of deep restorative rest in a short time and 'wake' feeling refreshed and ready to get on with your day.

It's less than 13 minutes long so you can squeeze it easily into a tea break.

If you want to listen to it regularly without the  introduction you can skip to either 1 minute in or 1 minute 47 seconds in to get started straight away without the preamble.

All you need is a warm comfortable space where you wont be disturbed for 13 minutes and maybe a blanket to tuck up into. You can do it sitting or lying - I wholeheartedly recommend  the Yoga Asana Savasana or Corpse Pose for maximum benefit but just a posture you can easily relax in is fine. You can do this any time of day but I wouldn't really recommend it before bed as it wont help with a good nights sleep, once you've had your 11 minutes deep relaxation you'll be up and ready to go again so mid afternoon works best. 

I'd love your feedback, so do let me know how it works for you and what might help make it even more useful. I do hope you'll make it part of your daily if not weekly rhythm. 


P.S. Having trouble with the audio sticking?

Just make sure you open the player in a web browser like safari or chrome (others are available) and you should be fine.

Elizabeth Cairns