accessing your heart wisdom - a simple guided process

image by Katie Spicer

image by Katie Spicer

For all of us in business there is so much advice out there about the right way to do things, so much noise to filter and that can really take its toll. It’s a fine balance between listening to your audience or leaders in your field and driving yourself nuts with too much information to sift through and the inevitable self doubt and foggy thinking that follows.

Yes there is plenty of insight to be gained from those who have gone before and learning and development are so key to progression. What often gets neglected however, is our own innate capacity for discerning the right direction.

Your body has so much valuable wisdom and taking the time to tune in and access this valuable resource can really support you on the path to more authentic work and life.

In The Empowered Entrepreneur book, I introduce what I call the Art of Discernment in the chapter Staying True. Part of this process involves regular attendance to your innate wisdom and so I've prepared a short guided reflection for you to help support you in accessing your heart wisdom.

It's less than eight minutes long so something you can slip into your day whenever you need a pause to reflect and gain some heart centred insight.

To make the most of the process find somewhere you will be undisturbed for ten minutes or so and carve out a little sacred space.

Perhaps light a candle, wrap yourself in a much loved shawl and have your journal to hand to note any thoughts at the end. 

I'd love to hear how you get on with it and I hope you find it useful.

If you’d like to explore this process and The Art of Discernment more deeply then you might like to join me on The Empowered Entrepreneur Retreat in May. You can find out more and reserve your place here.