creating space before winter

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I can already hear it in the throw away phrases of those around me, telling me that the acceleration has begun, the ‘gearing up’ ‘ramping up’ ‘madly finishing up’ before the C word I can’t yet bring myself to mention because it’s not quite December.

It can be all too easy to rush headlong towards the end of the year in a mad flurry of excess or finishing up, but doing so comes at a cost.

We miss the lingering moments that come into their own at this time of year. Those that arrive with misty mornings and warming cups of tea, with candlelit evenings and evocative scents of evergreens and wood smoke.

Early autumn is a naturally productive time in the year when the harvest brings abundance, plants and trees set seed for the coming year and there’s that back to school energy that carries us but that is relatively short lived, and so it should be. There’s a natural pause, just around the frost moon that comes at the end of November, when nature takes a deep breath out. 

It’s a signal for us to do the same.

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See the space created by the trees releasing their summer gowns, revealing bare branches that open up the landscape and let the light in.

Feel the space created by colder air in your lungs and the clearer head that comes from brisk morning walks through the frost.

Hear the space of silence as blankets of autumn cloud wrap up and muffle the skies and send the birds away in search of the sun.

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Space for the Empowered Entrepreneur is a prerequisite to doing our best work, our authentic work.

Space creates a vacuum that nature rushes to fill with new ideas, inspiration and clarity of direction. Space is also the perfect preparation for celebration and enjoyment, feasting and togetherness without succumbing to overindulgence, overstimulation and overwhelm.

My invitation to you this week is to find the space between the moments of activity and busy-ness. Linger a little longer here and there, pause with purpose to be here now and enjoy what unfolds as a result. Your business will thank you for it.

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