Elegance: An Empowered Process Workshop

no dates are currently planned for this workshop but you can take advantage of an empowered process day to do this work one 2 one.


Create elegance & ease in your business


An Empowered Process is streamlined and elegant and makes everything easier. It manages the flow of information and expectations, preempts challenges and sticking points and keeps everything flowing. It enables you to deal efficiently with enquiries, deal effectively with communications at every stage and delight your customer with thoughtful attention to detail. Without an empowered process it's easy to be caught on the back foot, not always knowing how to respond. Wasting time on lengthy conversations and wondering whether cash flow is secure.

Empowering your process means you wont need to waste time and energy going back and forth with prospects but instead manage the customer journey through your business elegantly and with flair. You wont need to waste effort chasing down invoices or dealing with the same queries time and again but instead preempt challenges and manage expectations clearly and with grace.

Having a well thought through process means you wont have offerings competing against each other so you can increase your reach without decreasing your value. It saves you energy and buys you the time you need to do your very best work.

Most importantly, having an Empowered Process means you get to create a way of working that honours what is most important to you, one that prioritises your wellbeing as well as the commercial success of your business and one that makes work the joy it can be.


What to expect

A thoroughly liberating and inspiring two days

Understand exactly what makes an empowered process and how to apply that to your own unique business.

Discover how to shape your offerings in a way that really works for you.

Understand what to consider at every step of the way so you can manage expectations and delight your audience.

Come away with a clear empowered framework for at least one if not all, of your offerings.

Know what collateral you need to support your process and be well on the way to creating them.

Sense check all your offerings and come away with the confidence that everything you do is working in harmony and serving your market to the best of your ability.


Our Venue

Our venue for the two days is the stunning Danesfield house and Spa in Marlow-on-Thames, Buckinghamshire

Completed as a private home at the turn of the last century it stands amid 65 acres of formal gardens and a jaw dropping view of the curve of the thames at Henley.

With a warm welcome, delicious food and an uplifting landscape, it’s the perfect space to be inspired and focus on what’s important.

See more of our delightful venue on their website.


Your Investment, £965

£965 to include the transformative and inspirational two day workshop, all course materials, refreshments and a delicious lunch on both days in the beautiful Danesfield House Hotel and Spa.


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FAQ's and T&C's


Time is such a valuable commodity isn't it? I respect yours, and ask that you do the same for your fellow course participants. As such, please arrive in plenty of time for the start of each day and the beginning of each workshop session. Each day begins promptly at 9.31am. Feel free to arrive, settle in and enjoy refreshments any time from 9am. Each day closes at 4.30. For those staying in the area i'd love you to join me for an informal supper on the Tuesday evening, but there's absolutely no obligation to join and this isn't included in the workshop fee.


Yes of course! I've negotiated a great rate for you should you wish to make the most of the stunning surroundings of Danesfield and the lovely Spa. You can book your room directly with the hotel. There is of course no obligation to stay if you'd rather travel in each day.


To make the most of your time it pays to come prepared. I've made things easy for you with minimal prep and some lovely audios you can listen to on the go to get you on the right frame of mind for our work together. I'll send out everything you need by email in plenty of time to get the most from your workshop.


I understand that in very occasional circumstances you may not be able to take up your place on the workshop. For bookings cancelled within one month of the date of the workshop the full workshop fee payable and is non refundable. If you have chosen to pay in instalments you will be asked to complete your term. You may send someone in your place and must let me know at the time of cancellation who it will be. It would be your responsibility to sort out financial  arrangements with your stand-in so you are not out of pocket as i'm sure you understand, I cannot take on that responsibility for you.


The course content and all course materials are protected by copyright. Please respect the time, expertise and effort made to prepare this experience for you and do not copy, replicate, or share anything from the workshop or supporting documentation without prior written permission. Thank you.