Here you’ll find downloads promised in The Empowered Entrepreneur book and other resources I hope you’ll find inspiring and useful on your journey to more empowered living.


The Wheel of Life

This is a very simple framework for a coaching tool often referred to as the wheel of life. In The Empowered Entrepreneur I invite readers to use the wheel as a way of connecting with their values. You can use it to capture areas of importance for your business or the wider values in your life. Take some time to consider what’s important to you. Narrow that list to 8 areas that will each form part of your wheel. Give each area a rating between 1 and 10 (or 1% and 100% if you want to get granular) as to how you feel you are doing in that area currently. You can use it as a spring board for goal setting, a way to determine priorities and a method to keep those things that are important in balance and at the forefront of your mind. There’s more detail about how to use the wheel in the book and feel free to play around and adapt it for your own use.


The Empowered Entrepreneur Manifesto

Coming soon.


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