The Empowered Entrepreneur Retreat Pay by Three Instalments Deposit

The Empowered Entrepreneur Retreat Pay by Three Instalments Deposit


The cost of the retreat is £2000 for single occupancy. If you select this option you will be emailed a payment schedule for the balance in three further instalments of £500 monthly.

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A truly transformational experience...

The Empowered Entrepreneur retreat has been created to enable you to tap into your innate wisdom, reconnect with your inspiration, raise your vitality and work in a way that really works for you.

Join an intimate group of visionary and creative entrepreneurs who are committed to realising their potential and taking their work to greater depths of personal mastery. Enjoy time and space in exquisite surroundings to prioritise what's most important and work on yourself and your business in a way that throws open the doors of possibility. With over 20 years experience creating and facilitating retreats, this is personal and professional development at it's very best.


Our space

When you take time away from your work to focus on your professional and personal development, where you spend that time really matters. Your environment has power, to inspire, to calm, to soothe and to nurture you. I have taken great care to find just the right one-of-a kind retreat space to enable us to get the very most of our time together.

Our retreat takes place at the magical and tranquil haven that is the 42 Acres Retreat in Somerset, UK.

I chose 42 Acres because it's not only an exceptional and luxurious space in beautiful natural surroundings with every detail taken care of, but it has heart. And so do it's founders. This really is a place for transformation, for empowered and empowering work and to create magical memories and connections that will last you a lifetime. We have 42 acres for our sole use, so we can be free to relax without interruption and enjoy the space and surroundings.