It’s a great joy to connect with like minds, find out what makes someone tick and to dig out those nuggets of wisdom to share. In addition to my own recorded thoughts, I hope you enjoy my conversations with inspiring and empowered entrepreneurs I’ve met along the way.


A short guided process to help you connect with your innate wisdom and master a key step in The Art of Discernment, a process introduced in The Empowered Entrepreneur Book.


Finding and following inspiration is a daily practice for an Empowered Entrepreneur. This audio briefly explores it’s importance and invites you to be inspired.


An guided exercise to review your year and begin to consider what’s in store for the next one.

Feeling a little stuck, like you can’t get going or avoiding things and need a little kick into action? This short audio might just help.


A short audio to relax and refocus, perfect for the afternoon slump or when you need the benefits of a few hours sleep in just a few minutes.


A lively and personal conversation with the vivacious and inspiring Fiona Huberstone about her second best selling book Brand Brilliance and her writing journey.



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