Your Focus & Thrive Audios

So by now you've received your lovely welcome box from Fiona and I hope you're enjoying getting stuck into the pre work.

Fiona and I thought it might be nice to have a few audios from me to help prep you for the workshop, get you into the right mindset and deepen your review work a little. 

The first track on reviewing your year is aimed at helping you reflect on the last 12 months from the point of view of what has affected your energy and your inspiration.  You may want to make notes as you work through it so feel free to hit the pause button whenever you like. I've deliberately not left lots of space on the audio in case time is tight and you want to whizz through it. 

The bigger picture is a short prompt to get you thinking about some of the foundations for a practical session on day one around your vision.

Defining Success invites you to start thinking about what it is that makes someone successful. Establishing your own unique criteria for success is so vital to creating and sustaining a business on your terms!

And finally I leave you with a few words on value, such a key topic for all of us as entrepreneurs, I hope it's good food for thought. 

Enjoy, and I look forward to welcoming you at Beaverbrook.

My warmest