About Elizabeth Cairns

Elizabeth Cairns

As a coach, facilitator, writer and holistic therapist, Elizabeth has worked closely with hundreds of entrepreneurs in the last 15 years. She really understands what it takes to create a thriving business and bring inspired projects to life.

Elizabeth believes strongly that we best serve the world, our families and ourselves, by engaging in meaningful work that taps into our passions, uses our unique gifts and is driven by the unique energy of Vitality, which she defines as ‘Inspired energy in action’. She also believes that through doing the work that we love, we can find health and wholeness, so a foundation of wellbeing is the pad-stone of all her work.

Her particular passion is working with creative entrepreneurs, helping them to discern what is truly important and craft a business with that at the heart. She helps her clients uncover a more authentic way of working that challenges conventional norms and breaks the boundaries of what’s possible.  

Gifted with laser beam insight, an inspirational and sensitive approach, she is able to get straight to the heart of what’s important and put that at the core of her work.

She can bring crystal clear clarity in moments and holds transformational space for her clients. Working with Elizabeth whether that be one to one or in a group will reconnect you with your innate wisdom and leave you feeling empowered and assured in your ability to live and work authentically, enabling you and your business to thrive.

Elizabeth is brilliant. Encouraging, empowering, inspirational and supportive, she truly gets the best out of me and my business.
— Fiona Humberstone - The Brand Stylist